Morton Grove Post 134
6144 W. Dempster St, Morton Grove, Illinois

The range is closed pending renovation.

Gun Range Activities

Day Activity Range Officer
Monday Post 134 Gun Club Bill Smith (847) 673-2197
Tuesday Cook County Rifle League Joe Brown (773) 281-5618
Wednesday Junior Gun Club Joe Brown (773) 281-5618
Thursday Arlington Hts. Gun Club Bill Smith (847) 673-2197
Friday Open Shoot Dora (De-De) Potckin

Check with range officer for exact times

Additional Info:
  • Monday: Post 134 Gun Club is open to all members of Post 134 Legion, SAL, and Auxiliary. They shoot rim and center fire pistols. The dues for the 134 Club are $50.00 less any dues you pay to the Legion. 134 Club meets about 4 times a year.
  • Tuesday: American Legion Cook County Rifle League is administered by Joe Brown and they shoot smallbore rifle during the winter.
  • Wednesday: Post 134 Junior Club, open to all juniors over the age of 12 up to 20. Again Joe Brown is the administrator, they shoot during the Winter. The Club owns Winchester 52 C and D model rifles which the Junior Club uses.
  • Thursday: Arlington Heights Rifle and Pistol Club (AHRPC), open to all shooters they approve. They shoot both rim and center fire pistols. AHRPC competes in the TRI County Pistol League during the Fall through Spring plus other NRA sanctioned matches. AHRPC meets once a month at the post and they have a formal probationary period.
  • Friday: Open shooting for all Legion affiliated persons and subject to the availability and discretion of the range officer, usually starts AROUND 7:30, Legion member must be present to identify who is shooting and their level of ability.

General: The range is quite an operation since we do everything ourselves including back-stop repair, clean-up, painting, target carrier repair,cleaning the lead out of the trap, etc. New members should understand they will be expected to volunteer for work parties. The backstop is sloping steel armor plate and can withstand a serious hit, however, we do not allow magnums or anything over a .22 rifle because of noise. 99% of the people who shoot on our range are serious shooters and exceptional gun handlers. We have more than a few people who hold a Distinguished Pistol Badge, are members of The President's 100, are State Champions, or hold other important awards.

As far as I know we have the only PRIVATE range in the Chicago area except for law enforcement. Because of the volume of shooting and for safety reasons eye and ear protection are mandatory. Breathing protection is highly recommended. SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT. Violation of safety rules can result in expulsion. The club was formed in 1950 and the last Charter Member was "Billy" Goldstein who is now deceased. Since 1950 we have never had an accident.

No one may shoot before 5:00 p.m.

Shooting is normally completed by 9:30 p.m. except matches.

Firearms must be unloaded and encased behind the firing line.

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